We produce your business podcast for more new customers

We combine lead generation with content marketing by inviting your ideal client as a potential podcast guest and recording a joint episode with them.

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How most people think about podcasts

Most people focus their podcasting on generating listeners who convert into new customers. At first glance, that sounds plausible. However, if you look a little behind the scenes, you quickly realize that listeners don't bring you real business.

It takes far too long for a listener to contact you and turn into a new customer. Moreover, you can't track 100% whether the listener has really become your customer.


Our new podcast approach


With our new podcast approach, we combine lead generation with content marketing. We produce a podcast in interview format and invite your ideal customer as a podcast guest. This way we create a direct touchpoint to your target group and deliver value directly by giving them a stage to present themselves and their company. With the right strategy, we turn these guests into valuable new customers.

In addition, we produce content (podcast episodes) with your guests, which we will market on all available channels.  Of course, we also make use of the reach of your guests.

The result: we produce your business podcast for more new customers through a combination of lead generation and content marketing.

Our solutions for your business

Podcasts are very time-consuming. That's why we want our customers to invest little time and focus only on what's really important: talking to their target audience.

Creation of podcast concept

We create the entire concept of the podcast. From the podcast cover, to the jingle, to the script creation.  We clarify the 2 most important questions: Who do you want to talk to, and about which topic.

Lead generation via outbound

We create the entire lead generation funnel to invite your ideal customers to the podcast. Part of the process is creating lead lists, outbounds, and responding to inbound emails with follow up questions.

Podcast Production & Marketing

We take over the complete production + marketing. From editing the episodes to uploading. This also includes the development of the content funnel to market the podcast through your channels as well as the channels of your guest.

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1. Appointment request

You request a free initial consultation through our website and answer a few questions.


2. virtual consultation

A strategy consultant will advise you individually on your situation for 60 minutes and develop a concept for your podcast together with you.


3. long-term cooperation

After the initial consultation, you have the option of long-term support for the implementation of your podcast.

You are in the right hands

"It was important to me to have a professional first impression for our WINDENERGIE.MACHER podcast. That's why I commissioned Lehnert Media to accompany us all the way through.

I am proud of the result! The feedback from our partners, customers and listeners shows that Lehnert Media did a passionately good job here, for which I am grateful. We will continue to call on Lehnert Media's expertise."


Bernd Weidmann

CEO & Founder of wind-turbine.com


So nutzen wir unseren Podcast Ansatz

In zweieinhalb Jahren haben wir 171 Episoden für unseren Podcast “Digital Growth” produziert. Dieser Podcast hat sich als unser bester Sales Channel herausgestellt. Warum?

Das Konzept war einfach. Wir laden unseren ICP (Gründer) in den Podcast ein und sprechen mit ihm darüber, wie er sein Unternehmen zum wachsen gebracht haben. Gleichzeitig haben wir ihm unsere Growth Hacking Dienstleistungen angeboten, die ihn bei seinen Growth Herausforderungen helfen würde.

Aus den Kennenlerngespräche resultierten Sales Call, welche wiederum in Kunden konvertierten. Zusätzlich wurden 171 Podcast Episoden produziert. Dieser Content wurde auf allen möglichen Kanälen recycled, womit wir unser Brand Bulding enorm nach vorne treiben konnten.


Unser neuer Podcast Ansatz

Anstatt über Zuhörer zu wachsen, die in Kunden konvertieren, laden wir deinen idealen Kunden als Podcast Gast ein. So kombinieren wir Leadgeneration mit Content Marketing, weil wir trackable Sales aus diesen Kennenlerngesprächen generieren und Podcast Episoden produzieren, die wir für unser Content Marketing benutzen, um darüber Brand Building zu betreiben.